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The importance of keeping your school clean

April 5, 2022

Did you know that cleanliness can play a big role in creating successful faculty, students and community? Aside from picking up the small messes left behind by students on a daily basis, schools need to clean on a deeper level. 

Everything from classrooms and hallways to gymnasiums and cafeterias should be cleaned if you want to boost student productivity, keep students and administration healthy, and instill positive habits for the long run. To better understand the importance of keeping your school clean, check out these 9 surprising benefits of clean learning environments!

1. More Productive Teachers

While it might not make much sense at first, a clean environment allows for more productive teachers. Instead of spending hours before and after class cleaning up their classrooms, they can plan lessons, grade homework, and take some much needed time for themselves. Everyone needs some time to unwind in order to present their best self at the job and teachers are no different. Unfortunately, when they spend all their free time taking care of the classroom, it causes burnout and fosters anxiety that can be carried into the next day.

When you opt for professional cleaning services and work to keep a clean school, teachers will experience fewer distractions and perform better. Productivity rates have also been shown to increase when student-teacher interactions take place in a clean and organized environment

2. A Better Learning Experience

The environment you’re in has a huge impact on how well you learn, which makes it no surprise that cleaner schools tend to outperform those kept dirty. In fact, it’s been shown that students will achieve higher grades in a clean environment and graduation rates for clean schools tend to be higher than schools that are unkempt. Similarly, classroom performance plummets in schools that aren’t well maintained or regularly cleaned. For a better overall learning experience, keep your school clean.

3. Healthier Teachers

Teachers interact with hundreds of students everyday. Some of them are healthy while others may have a mild cold or the flu. Regardless, germs will be everywhere. When the school is regularly cleaned, teachers are less likely to get sick, which means fewer substitutes are needed and regular classroom learning can continue as planned. Teachers need their energy to do their job, so when they aren’t feeling under the weather, learning can suffer. That’s why it’s important to give them every opportunity possible to stay safe and when they’re at their job.

4. Fewer Student Sick Days

Similarly, healthier teachers and a cleaner school means fewer sick days taken by students. This translates to less absences, better classroom involvement, higher grades, and more successful graduation rates. When you keep the school clean, the spread of germs and illnesses are reduced. Getting your school regularly disinfected on a deeper level is a great way to make every day cleanup a breeze.

5. Reduced Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Even if students aren’t sick with a cold or the flu, allergy and asthma symptoms can take away from learning. Common allergies in young children include dust, pollen, and even mold—all of which can easily grow in an unkempt educational environment. When you keep your school clean, you’ll eliminate the risk of mold and reduce the accumulation of dust mites and pollen. A reduction in allergy and asthma triggers means that kids can focus on what’s being taught in school that day, not their symptoms.

6. Positive Parental Involvement

Sometimes, parental involvement only occurs when bad things happen or conditions are poor. Keeping a clean school can encourage parents to stay involved in a healthier way. When they know that their children are well taken care of at school, and that the school is a clean place to be, they’re more likely to join extracurricular activities or PTA. The demonstration of administrative commitment that comes with a clean school encourages parents to commit to the school as well. It’s a win-win

7. Equipment Longevity

Longevity falls hand-in-hand with cleanliness. When things are taken care of, cleaned, and well maintained, they last longer. It’s as simple as that. Keeping a clean school will help you get the most out of your equipment, supplies, and textbooks.

8. Instills Good Habits

Kids tend to mimic what they see, so if they see a clean school, they’ll grow to respect cleanliness and work for it in their own lives. A messy, disorganized classroom will cause distractions, sloppiness, and even laziness. Students who are exposed to dirty classrooms and school buildings aren’t able to see the necessity in cleaning their own room or homes. To further instill good habits that develop by being surrounded by a clean environment, consider involving the students in daily cleaning rituals. These shouldn’t involve dangerous disinfectants or harsh chemicals; instead focus on organizing their desks or lockers and cleaning up after a project or job. If you have kid-friendly products available, that’s great too!

9. Stronger Sense of School Pride

When the entire school is kept clean, you’ll experience a stronger shared sense of school pride. People will feel good about showing their school off and students and teachers alike will be proud to talk about their school.

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